Executive Summary

Acutec Precision Aerospace manufactures components for the aerospace industry and is one of the largest employers in their region. To keep up with production orders, Acutec needed to fill a large number of skilled labor positions in 2018. They engaged Bull Moose Marketing to provide a recruiting strategy and assist them with its execution.


In filling these positions, Acutec Precision Aerospace identified several challenges that affected their goals. Acutec wanted to attract experienced, skilled workers from outside of the local area while also building a steady pipeline of qualified applicants from other talent pools and industries such as students and transitioning veterans. It was also important to increase, not just the number of applicants, but the quality of those applicants as well to help ensure better retention rates of new hires going forward.

Square Deal Strategy

Identifying characteristics

Using marketing as a means of recruiting, Bull Moose developed a Square Deal Strategy that addressed Acutec’s goals and the associated challenges. This started by identifying characteristics of ideal applicant personas and how to best reach them. From here the specific content topics were developed and the distribution channels needed to get that content in front of the targeted audiences were defined. Finally, a need was identified for marketing automation software to help the HR team scale its efforts to carry out the strategy and measure its impact.

Micro-sites and social media

Several highly functional micro sites were created with a library of content personalized for each of the identified target candidate groups. Social media was employed consistently to engage audiences and highly targeted paid social media ads were used to help distribute content offers.


As candidates were generated, they were segmented based on their qualifications and were sent additional content to gauge interest. Unqualified candidates were deleted; qualified candidates were prioritized for follow up by the HR team.


Pre-determined analytics were setup to monitor KPI’s related to the strategy’s goals and were monitored. By tracking the content engagement and content distribution channels, Acutec could see what tactics yielded the best sources of qualified candidates.

Content and Messaging

Key Messaging

Content with key messaging was created for each persona audience to convert them into becoming a potential applicant. The content’s impact was measured by if it was the first thing an applicant interacted with (1st Touch), if it was the last thing they interacted with (Last Touch), or if they interacted with it at some point in between (Influenced).

Content and Messaging

Influenced Personas

How content influenced the different personas:

  • Campaign 1: Personas used content at all points
  •  Campaigns 2 and 4: Personas relied on content in their decision making
  •  Applicants from career fairs reviewed content after the event before making a decision.

Content Channels

Social media and Email

The strategy identified social media as the best means of finding experienced candidates outside of the local area. Email was used as a secondary channel to follow up with potential applicants that had shown interest but hadn’t yet committed.

What the results showed

  • Social Media posts and targeted ads were effective driving new visitor sessions and new applicants.
  • Direct traffic indicates these applicants were already aware of Acutec and likely local to the area.
  • Email, while producing lower numbers, was effective in convincing several candidates to apply when they may not have otherwise.

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