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Direct Your Visitors to the Road Less Traveled

From Visit Florida’s new campaign to marketing tips from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to advice on how to market your whole region, this week’s DMO Download is packed with can’t-miss knowledge.

Metaverse Travel Is More Than Virtual Tours

Learn how to meet travelers’ needs more efficiently, what the metaverse can offer the travel industry, best tips for engaging influencers and more.

Scents Can Enhance Your Visitors’ Experiences

Read about a unique campaign that features stakeholders, get another look at remote workers and travel, learn how scent is playing a role in the travel industry and so much more.

Don’t Fall For the Latest Fake Review Scam

Read about a fake review extortion scheme, why travelers are willing to pay for more inclusive choices, how to prepare for your Google Ad Grant application and so much more.

Leaning on Heritage Tourism Can Help You Recover From the Pandemic

Learn about how one destination is using heritage tourism to bounce back from the pandemic, how DMOs can cope with economic unrest, how to build a website that converts users into visitors and so much more.

Destination Leaders Share Their Top Industry Insights

Check out the takeaways from Destinations International’s most recent convention, learn how Canada’s festivals are supporting the local economy, what marketing can do to boost your funding opportunities and so much more.

Micro-influencers Are a Powerful Marketing Tool

Read up on Hawaii’s new approach to tourism marketing, how destinations can use LinkedIn, more resources about GA4 and so much more.

Market Your Destination Like Beyoncé

Learn about Washington’s efforts to promote tourism, Maine’s success in tourism recovery, the importance of marketing your whole region and more.

Chicago Launches New Marketing Campaign

Read more about how Blue Ridge Parkway generated over a billion dollars in sales, Chicago’s newest marketing campaign and more.

Austin Is Promoting Cultural Heritage Tourism

Learn about travelers’ summer vacation plans, check out how Austin is promoting economic and cultural development in their region and so much more.

Gen Z Is Ready for Travel — And This Is What They Want

Read about regenerative tourism, learn more about Gen Z travelers, check out what the Metaverse has to offer DMOs and more.

Bike-friendly Tourism Can Boost Your Businesses

This week, catch up on the latest travel data from Destination Analysts, read about how a Pennsylvania tourism authority is promoting bike-friendly travel, what the latest Covid requirements means for international travel, how to manage your visitors’ expectations this summer and more. Keep reading!

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