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Now is an excellent time for small businesses, particularly in rural communities. Recent studies have shown that while small businesses grow slower than those in urban centers, those in rural locations are more profitable and tend to last longer. Even so, small businesses can’t afford to spend money frivolously, especially when it comes to marketing.
Owners recognize the importance of marketing, but it’s also one more thing to keep on top of as part of running a business while also still offering their core products and services. Given the rapidly growing number of marketing tactics and technologies available in our ever-changing world, it’s easy for small businesses to fall behind. Furthermore, it can be overwhelming and confusing leading many owners to stick with traditional means of marketing they are familiar with.
Small businesses that want to grow can benefit from partnering with an agency that will simplify marketing using strategies that are easy for owners to understand. Bull Moose not only develops such strategies, but they also work with owners to assist them in making effective but affordable choices in marketing their businesses.
Learn how Bull Moose helped small businesses succeed with marketing in the sections below.

Bull Moose was the answer to my small business needs! They saw what I needed, developed a strategy that was appropriate for my business, and answered my phone calls when I had (several) questions. Even after their work was completed, they continued to provide support. AND…I’ve gotten multiple comments from new customers about how professional my website is. It was just what I needed to get my small business growing.
-Mindy Nearhoof, Owner, Annie’s Flooring and Commercial Services

Learn how a full website strategy helped an established service business upgrade their digital presence with a modern-looking, user-friendly, fully optimized site. 

Learn how a leading private college devised a plan for increasing student participation and engagement with the downtown business community.

Learn how Local Search Engine Optimization and content worked to increase awareness and the number of phone calls for a local services business.  

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