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Gen Z Is Ready for Travel — And This Is What They Want


Heritage Tourism Updates You Need To Know

For many destinations, it’s the height of the tourism season! Time to get an inside look into the latest news and trends to help you tackle the busy season. Read about regenerative tourism, learn more about Gen Z travelers, check out what the Metaverse has to offer DMOs and more. Keep reading!

Regenerative Tourism Invites Visitors To Get Involved

Not every traveler is looking to lounge on the beach. Some want to travel to a destination to make a difference there. This is called regenerative tourism and it’s becoming more popular, especially amongst eco- and value-based tourists. Not only does this allow opportunities for travel, but visitors also feel like they’re doing something worthwhile, whether it’s helping with community projects or supporting the local ecosystem. With many people seeking deeper meaning behind their travels, regenerative tourism delivers.

While the concept of regenerative tourism isn’t new, it’s starting to look different. Instead of sleeping in tents and eating over fires, visitors are looking for more modern lodging options. According to this article from Smithsonian Magazine, “the new regenerative travel emerging from a global shutdown and responding to those regions of the world economically dependent on tourism combines service, education, and often, luxury accommodations.”

This offers a unique opportunity for DMOs and CVBs. Instead of only promoting leisure experiences, you can also promote service events that allow volunteers. Coordinate with stakeholders to ensure that times, directions, locations and other details are accurate so out-of-town participants can easily find your events and feel prepared. Not only will this give some visitors the experience they’re looking for, but also help your community and give visitors an authentic look into your local culture.

Here’s What Gen Z Travelers Really Want

What do DMOs need to do to make Gen Z travelers happy campers? Apparently, a lot. According to this article from Skift, Gen Z’s moral and ethical expectations continue to increase, while their price expectations remain the same. The bottom line is that they want more for less, and in this economy that’s not easy to accomplish.

“The way we start to travel is the way we form different experiences,” said Eva Stewart, YouGov’s global sector head of travel and tourism about this group. “And the pandemic has haunted that experience. They’re not willing to compromise on what they got used to when they travel with their parents, perhaps the luxurious experiences staying at nicer places, but the point is that it’s very difficult to trade down. Gen Zs will try to do everything they can to kind of retain a similar level of travel experience as they are used to.”

Paired with an increased demand for authentic experiences, this means that Gen Z travelers are more than willing to contribute to local communities and the environment… within their budgets. For DMOs with unique and authentic offerings, this is a big opportunity, but with a caveat: DMOs will be forced to get more creative in how they attract their attention. Marketing campaigns that target this group are likely to be good investments, especially since Gen Z is the future of travel, but DMOs will need to be intentional about upping their marketing game. Gen Z wants a strong, reliable social media presence, clear communication about cultural and unique offerings and budget-friendly options.

Rural Destinations Shouldn’t Feel Left Out of the Metaverse

With the word “meta” popping up in headlines in every industry, the Metaverse is staking its claim on the world. Especially in travel, there are real, tangible opportunities to jump on this trend and take steps toward a new chapter in marketing history. While large DMOs and tourism businesses are making the most noticeable waves in Metaverse tourism, rural DMOs and CVBs don’t need to feel left behind. There are lots of opportunities for them to capitalize on this trend and get their feet in the digital door.

The Metaverse gives DMOs and CVBs in rural communities the chance to market to new audiences, offer better wayfinding, develop deeper experiences for visitors and expand their digital presence. While larger, urban DMOs and tourism agencies might have big budgets for such investments, there are also funding opportunities for smaller destinations to stay in the game.

However you decide to get on the trend, there are lots of positive results that will reward creative thinking and hard work. And the most beautiful part is that, since the Metaverse is a new trend and largely unexplored, the opportunities are endless for hardworking DMOs to pave the way for future efforts. Read more about this trend and useful tactics to implement into your marketing strategy here.

Use These Meta Description Tips To Get More Clicks

Meta descriptions are short snippets that show up on the search engine results page to show readers what your content is about. Though they are short and sweet, they are a vital part of your SEO strategy, requiring the art of brevity to get them just right. Here are a few things to keep in mind when drafting your next description:

  1. Consider what the searcher is looking for. Identify your searcher’s intent. What would they be looking for and how can you answer their queries?
  2. Include keywords that answer the searcher’s request. Don’t be afraid of repetition with your keywords; sometimes a more promotional approach will increase the likelihood that your content will receive clicks.
  3. Encourage them to click. Be clear and answer the search query directly, but don’t give away too much information so they will click on your content for more information.
  4. Don’t avoid punctuation. Even if it counts toward the allotted 156 characters, it’s important to make sure your snippet is easily readable at a first glance.

By using these tips, your content will capture your audience’s attention and get your content in the limelight.

  • Paige Schamberg

    Content Production Manager at Bull Moose Marketing. A lover of literature and a sunshine enthusiast who probably drinks too much tea. Connect with me on LinkedIn @paigeschamberg

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