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Our Services

Our Services

While most organizations acknowledge the importance of marketing, many don’t get the results they hoped for. There are various reasons as to why – insufficient resources, fragmented efforts, incorrect tactics, etc. And while you might have a solid comprehensive plan that emphasizes a crucial need for marketing, those plans don’t actually spell out how to do it.

In all these cases the solution is a focused marketing strategy with cohesive guidance and defined measurability, or what we call a Square Deal.

It's a Square Deal

A Square Deal is our name for a marketing strategy that:

  1. Ties directly to your organization’s goals
  2. Relies on research to justify recommended initiatives
  3. Determines the right marketing tools and tactics
  4. Is actionable and can be measured

Developing a Square Deal starts with a workshop session to gather needed information from key stakeholders. From here, our team combines that information with additional research to build out elements that are incorporated into the final plan. From here, Bull Moose’s team will present the plan which includes focus initiatives, recommended tactics, an implementation roadmap and key performance indicators for measuring impact.

For additional details on the value you can get from a Square Deal strategy, contact us.

What we do

What we do

  • Marketing Strategy - It’s a “Square Deal”

    Marketing tends to fail because of the wrong plan or no plan at all. Similarly, people often mistake tactics as being their strategy. Our “Square Deal” Marketing strategies help companies determine how to best use marketing and the corresponding tactics that have the most impact in achieving business objectives.
  • Website Strategy and Development

    Building a website is easy, but if that website doesn’t start with a plan it’s a waste of money. Your site is how visitors will judge you and if it doesn’t make a good impression within 3 seconds, there’s an 87% chance they won’t return. Bull Moose helps clients think through all the considerations before building a user-friendly website that not only brings in relevant traffic but is also optimized for search engines and mobile devices while accounting for issues such as security, maintenance, and legal compliance.
  • Social Media Strategy and Management

    Businesses and organizations know they need to be using social media if they want to be relevant and reach audiences but doing so requires time and effort. Bull Moose helps companies determine the appropriate channels to use and then can set up new or optimize existing accounts. We also can produce and curate content for posting as well as manage the various features and targeted advertising within each platform.
  • Content Strategy and Production

    Content is the fuel that drives successful marketing, but what good is it if the message doesn’t resonate with or even reach your target audience? What’s more, producing content can be difficult if time and resources are limited. Bull Moose builds content strategies that are aligned to each stage of the purchase funnel and then help create that content with our team of writers, designers, and videographers.
  • Search Engine Marketing

    When people are looking for a solution, the first thing they do is “Google it.” Businesses that don’t show up in the results lose to those that do. Bull Moose devises Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies that account for effective on and off-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local Search, Mobile Search, Voice Search, and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search advertising.
  • Branding Strategy

    Branding is much more complex than a logo or storefront. Branding is the promise companies make to customers and the ability to then deliver on that promise. Without a clear promise, businesses find it difficult to convey their value, and by failing on that promise, their brand suddenly becomes negative. Bull Moose’s branding strategies help companies determine their market positioning and articulate a unique value proposition they can build their brand around.
  • Mar-Tech Management & Integrations

    The Marketing Technology or Mar-Tech world encompasses a broad range of sales and marketing software such as CRM tools and email automation. While these tools are meant to help businesses scale and track their efforts, selecting and using the right software can be overwhelming and costly. Bull Moose helps companies pick the appropriate platforms, facilitate user adoption, and integrate these tools together or with financial, ERP, and other systems.
  • PR and Reputation Management

    The Internet is a big place with near infinite conversations going on. What people say, good or bad, can greatly impact a company’s business so it’s important to know what’s being said. Bull Moose not only can employ tools that find these mentions of your brand, but we also help companies develop escalation plans and craft messaging that best represents your company.

“Dreams are a dime a dozen. It’s their execution that counts.”

Theodore Roosevelt

How we partner

Starting off on the right foot is important to us because it’s the stepping stone to trust and a successful partnership. This is why we have outlined our process and timeline for onboarding new clients, developing their strategies, and then transitioning to putting the plan motion.

Review the details in the graphic below to see our process for building strategies and relationships.

Onboarding & Prep

1-2 Weeks
Once agreement is signed

Welcome Packet

Onboarding Welcome Packet sent to outline the onboarding process.

Internal Kickoff

Our assigned Account Team meets to address details in preparation for working with you.

Strategy Engagement

4-8 weeks
Timeline is scope-dependent

Client Kickoff

We introduce you to the Account Team, outline next steps, and answer your questions.

Client Strategy Workshop*

Meet to gather required details to develop your strategy or build your website.

Strategy Delivery

We deliver the final proposed strategy and address your questions.

Kickoff Engagement

1-2 weeks
Post-strategy brief

Execution Kickoff

We meet with you to outline the detailed steps and requirements for putting your strategy in motion.

Weekly / Monthly

Regular Status Meetings

The Account Manager sets up a reoccurring meeting to review the progress of your strategy.

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