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For many regions and rural communities, tourism provides a major portion of both direct and indirect revenue, which makes tourism efforts critical in building the area’s economic resilience.


Manufacturers need an agency partner who understands the complexity of the supply chain and the purchasing behaviors in the procurement process.


Heritage, Destination, Cultural and Events

From his youngest days, Theodore Roosevelt harbored a great love for history, culture, and the natural world. He authored volumes of work on these topics and traveled to the remotest of regions across the globe, not to mention his conservation efforts as president, establishing 150 national forests, 51 federal bird reserves, 18 national monuments, five national parks, and four national game preserves on over 230 million acres of public land. Teddy Roosevelt’s contributions to essential facets of heritage tourism cannot be quantified, but his legacy can be appreciated today thanks to the efforts of Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) and other related entities.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation defines Heritage Tourism as “Traveling to experience the places and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present.” In 2017, 81% of U.S. tourists were considered cultural tourists, and 56 percent of the country’s population claimed they had visited at least one cultural, arts, historic-based activity or event while traveling in the past year. What’s more, cultural tourists, travel more, spend more and stay longer which is why it’s among the fastest-growing industry segments with $171 billion annual spend.

Destinations with a rich heritage and a well-developed infrastructure that caters to various interests of cultural tourists have much to gain.

Doing it right translates into greater economic impact for stakeholders across the destination and more dollars to invest in underserved areas of the community while also preserving the cultural identity of that area.

But to achieve these benefits, heritage regions of all sizes must clearly define their brand, leverage their points of differentiation, and employ effective marketing messaging that connects with potential visitors.

For someone, like you, who is responsible for all that goes into marketing a heritage destination, you know there are only so many things you can pay attention to, and it’s tough to keep up with industry disruptors and the ever-evolving digital world. However, what you do is critical to your community. We understand. Bull Moose can help with a Square Deal strategy and services for your entire marketing program or for one-off needs like social media or ad management.

“As a National Heritage Area, it’s important for our website to convey the importance of our responsibility through a professional appearance, but as a tourism destination marketing organization for our county, we also need to be friendly and approachable. Bull Moose helped us achieve both of those goals with a cohesive and appealing website that serves as a useful resource for our varied audiences.”

Emily Altomare
Communications and Tourism Manager
Oil Region Alliance of Business, Industry & Tourism


Suppliers, Construction, and Supply Chain

Theodore Roosevelt professed his admiration for, “big things; big parades, big forests and mountains, big wheat fields, railroads – and herds of cattle too; big factories, steamboats and everything else.” During this era, the United States witnessed rapid industrial and technical advances, and throughout Roosevelt’s presidency, the country enjoyed unprecedented prosperity thanks largely to strength or our manufacturing capacity. Even so, for Roosevelt it was still about people, which guided his belief that every American, whether employer or employee, should have equal access to fairness and opportunity.

Today, globalization, rapid technological advances, and skilled labor shortages are just a few of the challenges manufacturers contend with in an already highly competitive industry. This means there’s little room for wasting budgets on outdated marketing. However, in order to grow and remain healthy, manufacturers know it’s risky to keep mining quotes from their same base of customers. How will they find new business?

Industrial marketing is unique in comparison to other sectors.

For example, engineers looking for suppliers and products will go ten pages deep in search engine results (unlike others who only look at the top 3 results on page 1, and if they find you, they will judge the quality of your work based on the quality of your website and content. Considering these engineers are typically 60% of the way through the decision-making process at this point, being eliminated as an option before ever having a chance to talk with these engineers translates into missed opportunities.

Manufacturers need an agency partner who understands the complexity of the supply chain and the purchasing behaviors in the procurement process. Bull Moose’s Square Deal offers manufacturers an efficient and actionable strategy and our services can bring that strategy to life, filling the gaps in existing sales and marketing teams or functioning as a turnkey marketing operation.

Our clients are both design-build and contract manufacturing suppliers to the world’s most recognized OEMs in the defense, aerospace, light rail, oil and gas, commercial industrial, automotive, consumer products, consumer electronics, and medical device industries.

“We were floundering with our efforts at real marketing when we engaged Bull Moose. They immediately fleshed out a comprehensive plan that included a strong assessment of our place in the market, client profiles, strategy, and a timetable for short and long-term initiatives and goals. It’s working – their efforts have absolutely improved our inbound results and have generated sales qualified leads to put in our funnel. These guys have been great at showing us how to put a real CRM, Web Content, Email Campaigns, White papers, SEO, and lead qualification into results-producing practice.”

Brian Deane
NuTec Tooling Systems, Inc.

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