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Here’s How to Keep Up with Current Influencer Marketing Trends

COVID-19’s shutdown opened the door for smart marketers and influencers to entertain and engage followers in surprising ways that didn’t require huge investments.

The Wild Side of Heritage Tourism

As I traveled farther and farther from Dublin, I noticed something new and definitely different. There were signs with an undulating line – think of Charlie Brown’s shirt or an EKG. These were signs for a different kind of experience, the Wild Atlantic Way.

Maximize Destination Tourism Marketing by Using Seasonality

It’s time to maximize opportunities to invite guests to enjoy the education and experience of heritage tourism sites, no matter the season. Find out how!

Heritage Tourism Marketing: Promote Your Whole Region, Not Just A Single Amenity

Every museum, state park, attraction and other venue is part of a region with outstanding lifestyle amenities. Promote them all; don’t choose one.

Successful Marketing Can be a Funding Stream for Heritage Tourism

If you want to fund heritage tourism in your region, where do you start? You already have big ideas and attractions in place, but you need money to make the magic happen.

Marketing Tactics are Not a Strategy for Heritage Tourism

Successful heritage tourism marketing gives visitors the opportunity to experience communities and their regional assets.

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The Best Marketing Strategy for Manufacturers

As B2B companies reevaluate their budgets in the wake of COVID-19, it may be tempting to slash the marketing and advertising budget.

Free Tools Manufacturers Can Use for Hidden Sales Opportunities

Learn about several free tools that can show you the specific companies that are visiting your site.

The Fog of War: 11 Ways Manufacturers can Leverage Marketing During COVID-19

The “fog of war,” first coined by Prussian General Carl von Clausewitz, is a term often used to describe the dominating uncertainty that hallmarks the chaos of battle.

How Marketing Can Help With Your Hiring Needs

Finding, recruiting, and hiring employees, especially in the manufacturing sector, is more than just putting job vacancies on job boards and industry trade journals.

How Can Manufacturers Use Social Media to Grow Their Business

Social media is having a big impact on the manufacturing industry and helping manufacturers sell, develop, and recruit new associates.

How Rural Manufacturers Can Leverage Account-Based Marketing

This article is the third in a series explaining the strategy of account-based marketing and how businesses who are a fit can benefit from this approach.

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