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Progressive marketing articles for manufacturing, construction, B2B services, tourism, and other industry segments working to make their communities better places to work and live.

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Getting Started with Facebook for Your Business

Facebook might seem overwhelming. Where do you start? Take a moment to run through these considerations. As you read through them, keep your organization’s goals in mind and jot down ideas as they come to you.

7 Content Marketing Tactics from 1904 Small Businesses Can Use Today

I’m a bit of a history nerd. There’s a pile of 5-inch books on my desk, and I can’t keep from talking about it whenever an opportunity arises.

What’s Our Community Brand?

Every business, non-profit organization, or local government is only as good as the community around them.

Why Move Back to Meadville?

“Why did you want to move back?” It’s the question I’m asked most often since returning to Crawford County this past summer.

The ROI of Not Doing Marketing Correctly

Whenever I see a headline proclaiming the ROI of inbound marketing I am more often than not disappointed to discover that associated content is nothing more than a water downed breakdown of valid, but otherwise meaningless statistics related to factors contributing to ROI.

Marketing ROI: Return on Information

Of the wealth of data marketers can draw from, arguably the most important is that related to ROI. The bottom line drives everything in business, and marketing is not exempt from scrutiny here.

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Technology Won’t Fix Alignment of Your Sales and Marketing

In another lifetime while managing the purchasing department at a large home-building company I inherited the task of overseeing the implementation of an online software program that construction managers in the field were to use in scheduling and paying vendors.