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Free Tools Manufacturers Can Use for Hidden Sales Opportunities


Manufacturers, logistics, and the entire supply chain have in some way been impacted by COVID-19. A mid-March study assessing the impact of COVID-19 on manufacturers in North America found that 28% are searching for replacement suppliers while another 28% plan to reshore their operations back in the United States.

That means there are OEMs and large Tier 1 Suppliers are looking around for solutions and they need them quickly. This could mean opportunities for many manufacturers of component parts, opportunities they likely don’t want to miss out on.

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So how can these manufacturers capitalize on the needs that exist out there? Well, there’s some marketing technology (martech) tools out there – free ones – that can help uncover unknown sales opportunities.

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In this episode of The Progressive Marketer Bull Moose Marketing’s VP of Client Strategy, Ron Mattocks, and VP of Business Development, Josh Sherretts, will talk about several free tools that can show you the specific companies that are visiting your site. 

They also will give quick demos of the tools to show you what information these tools provide and how your sales team can leverage that information to uncover sales opportunities you didn’t know existed.

At the end of the video, Ron and Josh will tell you how you can have these tools added to your website at absolutely no cost. Watch below or click on the link here.

Ready to have these tools installed on your website?
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  • Ron Mattocks

    Ron Mattocks was born and raised in rural, Pennsylvania before joining the Army after high school. After serving as Infantry captain, he next worked as an executive at a Fortune 500 real estate and development company. Eventually, Ron switched to marketing, later consulting for companies such as GMC, ConAgra, Mattel, and others. Ron is also a published author and contributor to publications such as The Huffington Post, Disney's Babble, and the TODAY Show. In 2017 Ron co-founded Bull Moose Marketing where he is the VP of Client Strategies. He is also the Board VP of the Crawford County Historical Society and serves on the board for the Crawford County Planning Commission.

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