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Understanding Gen Z Travelers


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As someone who is working to make their community a better place, you’ve got a lot going on. That’s why we’re here to help by compiling the top headlines and resources so you can stay up to date without staying up late. This week we have resources to help you understand sustainable and value-based tourism and the chance to listen to experts on how you can increase your chances of securing funding to support your projects. Keep reading to keep up on what’s most important to stay a step ahead in your industry.

Sustainable, Value-Based Tourism and What It Means for Your Destination

“Sustainable” is a hot topic in today’s headlines, especially for tourism. But what does this mean for you and your destination? The data is in and the trends are clear: visitors want to participate in tourism that is sustainable for the environment and for communities, aligning their travel with their values. This blog helps you learn more about sustainable, value-based tourism and offers some tips on tactics to integrate into your marketing strategy. Stay ahead of the trend and learn how you can use these tactics to build your visitor base while creating a long-term strategy to keep your destination going.

UPCOMING WEBINAR: Make Yourself Competitive in Tourism and Economic Development Funding

There’s a lot of funding out there… with a lot of organizations vying for it. Every DMO, economic development authority and tourism nonprofit needs funding to complete amenity-based projects that attract visitors to their destinations – and your organization is no different. But there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. This upcoming webinar comes to the rescue with tips on how to make your organization competitive when applying for funding to keep your projects moving forward. By showing funders you have a plan to attract end-users and support businesses, you add a layer of legitimacy to the hard work you’re doing. Here are some more topics covered in this webinar:

  • How to synchronize marketing strategy with funding goals
  • What you need in your toolkit to apply for funds
  • How to stand out on a funding application

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to engage with us as we discuss these topics and offer you effective solutions. Register now.

The Future of Sustainable Tourism Amidst Recovery

Sustainable tourism has become a buzzword in today’s industry. In this video, Global Vice President Jennifer Andre from Expedia Group Media Solutions talks about sustainable tourism’s future and how you can navigate this trend in your destination. Being aware of what sustainable tourism means for your destination could be the difference between flourishing and floundering. As things are continuing to open up, now is the perfect opportunity to rethink your tourism economy and shift to a more sustainable approach. Here are some topics in the discussion:

  • How you can make meaningful changes to attract younger generations
  • Using data-driven insights to encourage more sustainable travel
  • How to harness partnerships for credibility and scale

Key Behaviors of Gen Z Travelers

Understanding Gen Z travelers is important to keep in mind as a DMO. While they may not be as affluent or travel-hungry as other generations, about 43% still consider travel a high or top priority. Don’t leave Gen Z out of the game when developing your marketing strategy. They may only be a section of your audience, but remember that they also represent the future of travel. When it comes to understanding this unique demographic, there are some interesting statistics to note:

  • Gen Z travelers are very likely to use online travel agencies, with more booking air travel, hotel and cars through this avenue than any other channel.
  • Gen Z travelers are more likely to venture outside the U.S. than any other generation. More than two in five traveled abroad in 2020.
  • They are the least demanding and most flexible demographic when considering Covid regulations.

7 Ways to Unstick Your Creativity

You’re staring at a blank document trying to come up with some ideas for your destination. You need some new marketing ideas to implement into your strategy, but your creative juices have decided to take a vacation and left you behind. But you don’t have to feel stuck. This article from Content Marketing Institute offers some tactics we’ve found helpful in our own processes. So, we wanted to share it with you. Take a peek to open up a whole new world of ideas and possibilities. Not only will this help you with your marketing strategy, but reveals practices that will shape you into becoming a more creative individual.

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There’s so much going on in the heritage tourism and economic development industries, which is why we have more headlines, blogs and resources carefully curated for DMOs, heritage areas and economic developers just like you. From on-demand webinars to infographics to news digests, we specialize in equipping you with the tools you need to help your projects, teams and communities succeed. We’re here to help.

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