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Agritourism is Growing


Keep Up With Current Influencer Marketing Trends

Utilizing influencers in your destination marketing strategy will build consumer trust around your destination’s brand. With authenticity still an important factor in consumer perception, influencers can bring a level of credibility and perspective into marketing your destination. Influencers can be local bloggers, photographers or writers. Sometimes, social media partnerships don’t always include monetary compensation, though some influencers may ask for your budget before beginning an engagement. So, do market research to find the influencers that are the best fit for your brand. With the right strategy, you can work with influencers to reach a whole new demographic and encourage them to experience your destination and all its amenities.

Restoring Consumers’ Travel Confidence

When it comes to post-pandemic travel, it comes as no surprise that safety is at the forefront of consumers’ minds. In this report, PwC outlines travelers’ top expectations to gain insight into building back their travel confidence. Some top findings are:

  • Consumers seek trusted sources, with the CDC serving as the highest-ranking source
  • Consumers trust brands promoting their cleanliness practices
  • Almost 75% of consumers plan to travel by September
  • Access to healthcare is influential in consumers’ travel decisions

Webinar Explores How Travel Industry Can Adapt To The Post-Covid, Data-Driven Landscape

Going digital is the future of the travel industry in a post-pandemic world. That means analytics, technology and strategy are more important than ever when it comes to marketing. Travel media company Skift and executives from WNS will talk about how travel brands can stay on top of the trends and embrace the opportunities presented by Covid-19 recovery in this upcoming webinar. The webinar will cover:

  • Evolving business strategies
  • Key best practices
  • Data-driven analytics
  • Digital transformation strategies

Agritourism Could Be Key To Travel Revival

With consumers seeking more rural and secluded destinations, global agritourism is expanding, with experts saying the market could increase by $4.33 billion by 2025. Terry Reagan, a Chile-based travel agent originally from California, says that travel agents and tour organizers need to be attentive to what agricultural tourists are looking for, as these are great opportunities for new income sources for businesses. Agritourism not only brings visibility to the agricultural sector, but also enables farms to diversify their revenue streams as interest in this type of travel grows.

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