March 9, 2020

Bull Moose Progressive Marketing: Giving You the Business

published on Erie News Now
written by Staff

Manufacturing is a key part of the Crawford County economy.

So is tourism and the jobs it provides.

The owners of Bull Moose Progressive Marketing said they have focused on those sectors since founding the firm in 2017.

Owner & President of Business Development Ron Mattocks said, “That is where we saw the most potential and also areas that had been ignored or overlooked, we’d say.”

While a lot of clients are located in Crawford and Erie counties, the business is not limited to just this region.

Owner and President of Business Development Josh Sherretts said, “It is very much less geographic and more the type of client looking for the service.”

Clients get the usual services provided by agencies from website improvements to advertising campaigns.

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But it always begins with mapping strategy.

Mattocks said, “The value of strategy is, it dictates these are the tactics and these are the things that are going to be most effective.”

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