January 25, 2021

On the job with Ron Mattocks of Bull Moose Marketing

published on The Meadville Tribune
written by Jean Shanley

Ron Mattocks grew up in Meadville and graduated from Calvary Baptist Christian School in 1991. He left the area and worked in several areas, developing strategic marketing plans for business.

Four years ago, he returned to Meadville from Indiana. Sharing an interest in history, he hooked up with Josh Sherretts of the Crawford County Historical Society.

Mattocks said he offered to do a strategic marketing plan for free for the historical society.

The result was an increase of $50,000 in revenue in 18 months.

Sherretts and Mattocks became good friends and ultimately decided to start Bull Moose Marketing, a firm which develops a strategic plan for marketing for its clients and then helps clients work on implementation of the strategic plan.

The company, which started three years ago, is co-owned by Mattocks and Sherretts. It is located in the former Crawford County Trust Co. building at 231 Chestnut St., with office hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

However, Mattocks said as a co-owner, he has no days off, no free weekends.

The firm has 10 full-time employees and contracted employees for more than 30 hours weekly.

Bull Moose provides marketing strategy services, primarily on the digital side, developing a business marketing strategy, an effective marketing plan for the business.

In addition to being co-owner, Mattocks also is vice president of client strategy. He works closely with enterprise clients to oversee the development of the strategic plan and then implementing the strategy. He also consults with the clients over a period of times. He also works with clients for account management.

Mattocks said his favorite part of his job is learning about new business, manufacturing and tourism. He said there is always something new to learn.

“It’s pretty exciting,” he added.

His least favorite part of his job is the amount of time it takes to coordinate things to get an effective marketing program in place.

He said people might be surprised how Bull Moose Marketing provides services as good as can be found in major metropolitan markets, adding the company is “not just a pretty staff.”

Mattocks has been in the marketing business, working with and for various agencies across the country.

He said when he returned to the area, he realized some businesses were not getting marketing strategy services so was pleased to be able to offer it.

If it helps business, it makes sense to do it, he said.

Mattocks said he is very community minded and wants to make the community a better place and bring in money from tourism and for business and more opportunities for people and business.

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