10 Trends in Rural Communities


Rural Communities Have the Advantage!

Bringing people to the area to visit or work.

Increasing community awareness and engagement.

Strengthening our economy through growth and new business.

These are the three themes consistently mentioned to us by civic, business, and government leaders in and around our community. Even so, we’ve heard of many existing and planned initiatives intended to address these issues. Such efforts signal the current climate of optimism running through our community. What many may not realize, however, is thanks to a number of growing trends, small towns like ours and others in Northwestern Pennsylvania, have even more opportunities that play in our favor if we know how to take advantage of them.    

Exactly what are these trends and opportunities? You can find out in our presentation “The 10 Trends Impacting Rural Communities and How We Can Take Advantage of them Through Marketing.” 

In this presentation, sponsored by Allegheny College, The City of Meadville, The Meadville Medical Center, the Crawford County Convention and Visitors Burearu, and the  Western Crawford County Chamber of Commerce, we outline 10 major, documented trends that are helping rural areas and small towns attract new residents and visitors, increase community engagement, and support the growth of new businesses.   

Presentation Details

Using information collected from demographic data, market research, and case studies, this sourced presentation outlines:

  • Why geography is no longer a disadvantage for building the economies of rural towns
  • How current consumer behavior can be harnessed by local businesses to their advantage
  • Why small towns can leverage their appeal to bring in tourists and new potential residents

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