The Value of Google My Business


Are People Finding Your Business?

The days when people used the Yellow Pages to find your business are over. When people want to find something, they turn to the Internet, specifically on their phones for information.  Google is the most used search engine with 70% of all search queries done on its platform, and, what’s more, one out of every five of those searches is for a business or location.

The question then, is how can small businesses improve their chances of showing up in search results when people are looking for them? One of the first and most fundamental steps is to claim their Google My Business page listed in Google’s directory.  Doing so is not difficult, and it can make a big difference in bringing people through your doors. 

In this FREE Slide Presentation

So how can you best take advantage of Google My Business? In this FREE presentation deck, Google My Business: Why it’s Important to Local Businesses, Bull Moose Marketing outlines:

  • What exactly Google My Business is and why is it important
  • The benefits of controlling your Google My Business page
  • The difference between a Google Profile, Google Page, and Google My Business
  • How to claim and set up a Google My Business page
  • Tips for using your Google My Business page
  • How to track success metrics from your page

To get your copy, complete the form to the right of the page and check your email. 

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