Influencer Shouldn’t Be a Dirty Word


Bring up the topic of influencers to a DMO and then watch their reaction. For some, it ranges somewhere between a snicker and an eye roll, possibly with a comment about the Fyre Festival disaster tacked on. Even so, most DMOs agree that the impact of social media influencers in the travel industry is undeniable. The influencer marketing industry is projected to be worth $15 Million by 2022, and lifestyle and travel are the top two influencer categories.

Given that digital adoption in the US has accelerated by six years due to the pandemic, using influencers will be one of the most prominent online tactics for creating awareness and shaping the perception of your destination’s brand. But DMOs shouldn’t worry about dealing with a stereotypical primadonna looking for freebies, not when they understand the influencer landscape and have a structured program that results in success for both parties.

In this webinar Bull Moose Marketing’s VP of Client Strategies (and former Carnival Cruise brand ambassador) Ron Mattocks will be talking with niche travel blogger Hannah Brenner from to:

  • Explore how DMOs can effectively add influencers to their heritage and cultural tourism marketing efforts
  • Dive into what DMOs should know from the influencer’s perspective before starting a campaign together

Other takeaways from this webinar include:

  • Justifying the case for using influencers
  • An understanding of the influencer landscape
  • Selecting the right influencer for your destination
  • Tips for structuring a win-win influencer program
  • Identifying metrics for gauging a successful campaign
  • Considerations from the influencer’s perspective

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