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Rural America’s Population Is Growing

This week, we’re talking about rural America’s population increase, how TikTok is coming out on top as an influencer for travel, the latest American traveler sentiment data and more.

This Technology Will Shape Tourism in 2023

Learn how street regulations are hurting one city’s restaurant scene, ways the tourism industry can improve in 2023, technology shaping the industry and more.

These Were The Most Creative Campaigns of 2022

We take a look back at a successful month of tourism for one “seasonal” destination, reflect on some of the most imaginative tourism marketing campaigns of 2022, look ahead at the upcoming anniversary of America’s Mother Road and more.

The U.S. Established a Secretary-level Position for Tourism

We discuss how preservation can combat climate change, Ohio’s UNESCO World Heritage nomination, the U.S.’s new tourism secretary position and so much more.

Salem’s Complicated Journey From Trials to Tourism

This week, read about Boston’s new campaign, a clever lodging trend inspired by a holiday movie, how Salem balances their dark history and more.

A Rock Climbing Coalition Helped Preserve This Iowa Park

We discuss ‘brain drain’ rural communities, a unique approach to collaboration and conservation in Iowa, travel predictions for 2023 and so much more.

These Are The Best Tourism Websites in the World

We dive into how one DMO demonstrated its regional value, what we can learn from Richmond’s new tourism improvement district proposition, a new bike trail that will span the U.S. and so much more.

Alaska Is Taking a Fresh Approach to Marketing

Learn about how Alaska is promoting indigenous tourism, one of Cleveland’s most famous homes, how marketing strategies drive heritage tourism and more.

Communicating Your Destination’s Sustainability Efforts Is Critical

Learn about Georgia’s all-terrain wheelchairs, when sustainable tourism doesn’t hit the mark, Thanksgiving travel trends and so much more.

This Dark Prison Is Driving One Town’s Revitalization

Read about a town’s switch from incarceration to tourism, Sweden’s strategy to get more visitors in their forests, Alaska making millions from tourism and more.

Communities Are Voting On Lodging Tax Allocation

Learn how Delaware County, OH is making their parks more accessible, key factors in improving rural economics, an important election in Colorado that will affect tourism and so much more.

Not All Tourists Are Looking for Sunshine

Read about dark tourism, holiday travel projections, Australia’s new brand ambassador and so much more.

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