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Travelers Want Sustainable, Convenient Tourism Post-COVID

Surveys indicate that the pandemic inspired four out of five tourists to travel “more responsibly,” indicating a push for more sustainable tourism, according to CNBC Travel. A separate survey from travel site The Vacationer, a similar majority affirmed this attitude, but just under half of respondents said they would choose more sustainable trips only if it was not an inconvenience.

The same survey discovered the primary issue was financial inconvenience. A mere 4 % of respondents listed sustainability as a primary travel consideration, with 83% listing travel cost as the most important. While sustainability is high in everyone’s minds, travel companies are pressed to find ways to blend sustainable travel and lower costs.

Economic Developers Should Consider Transportation To Boost Business Productivity

This article from Bloomberg City Lab highlights the economic boost that comes with a solid public transportation system, instead of the traditional tax break emphasis. The pandemic altered how companies look at relocation, providing opportunities for economic developers to “modernize their field” by utilizing the role transportation has in regional economic development, according to the article.

Transportation allows for more commutes with shorter travel times, offering employment opportunities to people living outside the walkable radius of companies. A city with an efficient transportation system could allow residents to access 80% of regional jobs within an hour commute, compared to a city without one whose residents can only access 40%.

Tracking Travel Restrictions Around The World

With the post-pandemic travel and tourism scene constantly changing, Healthline released an article assessing other countries’ travel restrictions. Some countries are opening their borders, while others remain closed off to the rest of the world. Although seven in ten Americans say they’re ready to travel, the new Delta coronavirus variant threatens to continue limiting their options for international travel. The article also explains tips and processes for preparing for trips outside United States borders.

How DMOs Can Align Marketing Budgets With Marketing Strategy

Every DMO and heritage area needs funds to attract visitors to their destinations, and with many of these organizations experiencing budget cuts, finding that funding can be challenging. An actionable marketing strategy allows DMOs to create clear goals and focus marketing efforts on selective, but effective, audiences. A plan makes assessing ROI and marketing effectiveness clearer, providing clear data when it comes to asking for funds that will fulfill destination goals and attract more visitors.

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