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Trust is Key for Tourism Recovery


Travelers Prioritize Travel Decisions Aligning With Values

A study reveals a new traveler outlook that diverts from the “gloom and doom” messaging of the pandemic, a Skift article reports. To keep up with travelers demands, tourism marketers should encourage a back-to-normal mentality in their messaging. In addition, travelers are also seeking more meaningful travel experiences consistent with personal goals and values. American and Canadian traveler responses revealed three travel priorities in the coming months:

  • Family and friends and togetherness
  • Solo travel as “self-care”
  • Traveling big to make up for lost opportunities due to the pandemic

Study Shows Trust Is Key For Tourism Recovery

Public relations company Edelman conducted a study revealing that travelers expect an increase in trustworthiness and transparency from the tourism industry, Tourism Review reports. The key takeaways are:

  • Consumers expect better refund policies and no hidden or additional costs
  • More than two-thirds of survey respondents consider their family and friends the most reliable sources of travel information
  • Over half of respondents are satisfied with current industry safety measures
  • The majority of respondents distrust tourism companies to use their data according to regulations

On-Demand Webinar: Secure Funding and Demonstrate Credibility Through Marketing

Securing new funding streams for DMOs, Heritage Areas and other tourism-related non-profits is vital for sustaining project success and proving legitimacy. In this webinar, attendees learn how a marketing strategy can help demonstrate sustainability and credibility through grant applications and messaging. Some topics covered include:

  • Determining funding goals and plans to achieve them
  • Identifying donors and grant institutions best-suited for those goals
  • Merging on- and offline to show capacity and innovation with marketing strategy

International Travelers Can Opt For Vaccine Passports

With COVID-19 infection rates decreasing and international borders beginning to open, some countries are offering “vaccine passports” for travelers either fully vaccinated against or recovered from the virus.

Right now the passports are optional, but may make travel easier for those who have one. Travel is still permitted for unvaccinated travelers as long as they can prove negative test results or comply with their destination’s quarantine requirements.

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