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Rural Revitalization Starts at Home


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From sustainability to revitalization, this DMO Download is alive with knowledge and insights to help you do your job better. Learn about how tourism can promote sustainability, how one destination fired its city, and a look at rural revitalization. Check it out.

Tourism Offers Gateway for Youth-Focused Climate Action, Sustainability

According to this article, tourism can be a powerful tool for promoting climate action and sustainability among younger generations. DMOs are responsible for promoting tourism in a particular destination, and they can use their platforms to encourage sustainable practices such as reducing waste, conserving water and energy, and supporting local communities. By emphasizing sustainability and environmental responsibility in their messaging, DMOs can help to raise awareness and inspire travelers to make more conscious choices.

Younger travelers are increasingly seeking out sustainable tourism experiences, which presents an opportunity for DMOs to attract a growing segment of the market. By promoting sustainable practices and offering eco-friendly options, DMOs can differentiate themselves from competitors and appeal to travelers who prioritize environmental and social responsibility. Overall, DMOs can play an important role in promoting sustainable tourism practices and engaging younger generations in the fight against climate change.

This Tourism Bureau Fired Its City Over Destination Marketing

In a surprising move, Sedona’s tourism bureau recently announced that it would no longer be affiliated with the city it represents. The decision came after years of disagreements over marketing and branding strategies and highlights the complex relationship between Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) and the cities they promote.

This article raises important questions about the role of DMOs in destination tourism. While DMOs are responsible for promoting tourism in a particular destination, they often face competing priorities and pressures from local governments, businesses, and residents. In Sedona’s case, the tourism bureau felt that it could better serve its mission of attracting visitors by operating independently of the city government.

So what does this mean for DMOs and destination tourism? One takeaway is that DMOs need to be agile and adaptable in order to respond to changing market conditions and stakeholder needs. By prioritizing their core mission of promoting tourism and being willing to make difficult decisions, DMOs can remain effective and relevant in an increasingly complex and competitive landscape.

At the same time, DMOs need to ensure that they are aligned with the broader goals of the destination they represent. While it may be tempting to prioritize short-term gains and revenue, a successful tourism industry depends on the sustainability and well-being of the local community. By engaging with local stakeholders and balancing the needs of residents, businesses, and visitors, DMOs can help to build a thriving and resilient destination tourism industry.

Rural Revitalization Starts at Home

A new program from Main Street America is expanding its focus from revitalizing historic downtowns in urban areas to supporting rural communities, too.

The Main Street America program provides resources and support to communities looking to revitalize their downtowns, with a focus on preserving historic buildings and promoting economic development. The program offers training, technical assistance, and access to a national network of experts to help communities achieve their goals. Now, with a renewed focus on rural communities, the program will be expanding its services to support rural economic development and historic preservation. This includes providing resources and training on issues such as rural entrepreneurship, marketing and branding, and community engagement.

For rural destinations, this represents a significant opportunity to revitalize downtown areas and support economic growth. By preserving historic buildings and promoting local businesses, rural communities can attract visitors and create a sense of place that is unique and authentic. However, rural communities may face different challenges than their urban counterparts when it comes to revitalization. One such challenge is limited access to capital and resources that make it difficult to finance redevelopment projects. Additionally, attracting visitors to rural areas may require more targeted marketing and outreach efforts.

To overcome these challenges, rural destinations can leverage programs like Main Street America to access professional insight and resources. By working collaboratively with local stakeholders and building a strong sense of community, rural destinations can create a sustainable and thriving downtown that benefits residents, businesses and visitors alike.

The Avengers Show Us What We Need to Know About Stakeholder Buy-in

We learn from stories— and that’s why movies are such powerful teaching tools. So when Bull Moose Marketing’s VP of Client Strategy, Ron Mattocks, told us that he learned about stakeholder buy-in from The Avengers, we weren’t surprised.

It takes a village to give visitors a good experience, so getting stakeholder buy-in is essential when it comes to developing a good, consistent destination brand. Your brand represents your whole community, making it vital to involve the community in your branding efforts. Getting everyone on board is not always easy. But, as The Avengers show us, it’s possible for independent and talented individuals to join together and become one unstoppable force. In our latest blog, Ron highlights the seven important steps The Avengers took in achieving this trust and reveals how DMOs can apply this to their relationships with their stakeholders.

As a DMO or CVB, getting buy-in can feel like an impossible task. But, with the right attitude and these tactics, you can lead the charge for your community’s new brand with a strong team behind you. For even more branding insights, check out our on-demand webinar.

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