April 20, 2022

Bull Moose Marketing VP to speak at statewide downtown revitalization conference

written by Bull Moose Marketing

Harrisburg, Pa. — April 15, 2022
Ron Mattocks, VP of Client Strategy and Co-Owner at Bull Moose Marketing, will be speaking at the Commonwealth’s Premier Revitalization Conference and 35th Anniversary in Harrisburg, Pa. In the presentation, called “Who Are We Really? Defining Your Destination’s Brand Identity,” Mattocks will use his experience in heritage tourism marketing to offer destination marketing organizations and economic development entities a practical approach to community branding.

The presentation incorporates both educational elements and practical exercises that Bull Moose has used in developing successful branding strategies for destination marketing organizations within the United States. These projects brought together area stakeholders including municipal leaders, residents, businesses and other decision-makers within a region to build consensus for developing a brand identity that would attract tourists, new residents, and businesses to come to their area.

“Branding for destinations is very complex but also extremely critical, especially now,” Mattocks said. “People are looking for the authentic experiences that rural locations offer and, to stand out, rural destinations need a clear brand that conveys what makes them special.” Mattocks further explained how destinations with strong brand identities typically see a correlation with increased economic development activity. “People often miss how tourism can impact the overall quality of life of an area,” he concluded.

The conference, running from June 26 to June 29 at the Hilton Harrisburg and hosted by the PA Downtown Center, will highlight innovative approaches to community revitalization throughout Pennsylvania and host over 200 attendees and feature over 40 educational and mobile workshops. Other presentations include topics on community revitalization, nature-based placemaking, transportation, downtown enhancement, fostering community partnerships and more.

Founded in Meadville, PA in 2017, Bull Moose Marketing offers integrated strategies, services and website development to organizations in the tourism, economic development and manufacturing sectors that recognize the need for marketing to grow, but lack the internal resources and know-how to do so. You can learn more about Bull Moose Marketing and their previous work at their website www.bullmoosemarketing.com.

The Pennsylvania Downtown Center is the only statewide nonprofit dedicated to the revitalization of the commonwealth’s communities. The PDC provides assistance, resources and education for community leaders and local nonprofit organizations to help them build strong business districts and residential neighborhoods in their regions.

For more information, call 814.813.1312 or email pschamberg@bullmoosemarketing.com. To learn more about the PA Downtown Center and the Commonwealth’s Premier Revitalization Conference, visit padowntown.org.

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