February 24, 2022

Vision 2022: Bull Moose Marketing

published on The Meadville Tribune
written by Bull Moose Marketing

The focus for Bull Moose Marketing in 2021 was on itself. According to co-owner Ron Mattocks, the company needed some “me-time.”

“Last year was a big milestone in terms of maturity as a business,” explained Mattocks, who serves as vice president of client strategy. “We’ve grown to the point where we needed to formalize everything from operations to our own marketing.”

As part of this formalization, the company outlined a clear vision for who it wanted to work with and how to grow its client base. “We’re too big to get away with doing things ad hoc like when you’re first starting off,” said co-owner Josh Sherretts. “That meant being more intentional about our sales approach,” added Sherretts, who’s also vice president of business development.

Bull Moose Marketing’s efforts to be more intentional included focusing its sales and marketing on destination tourism and segments within manufacturing. Given the results, the strategy paid off. By year’s end, the company had exceeded its revenue goal as it built an impressive portfolio of clients nationally. “Several major destinations like the City of Houston and NYC’s Battery Park invited us to submit bids,” remarked Sherretts who shared some of the agency’s current projects in other major markets.

Having the right talent mix, however, has been the company’s real key to success, according to Mattocks, as the company has grown from four full-time employees to 11. “We already need more people for 2022,” he stated before adding, “but we need more space first.”

After relocating to the Crawford County Trust Building a year ago, Bull Moose is ready to expand, and it hopes to stay in its current location. “This building not only symbolizes our growth but also the economic strength of Meadville historically,” said Sherretts, who revealed a detail previously unknown until after the company’s move. “When the building opened in 1912, it was headquarters for the local Bull Moose Party, working to get Theodore Roosevelt elected president!”

“It’s a fun part of our story,” added Mattocks. “Clients love hearing in when they come for on-site visits.”

The company is planning on more visits in 2022.

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