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Retail environments are as competitive as they are complex — especially when it comes to integrating e-commerce functionality for online sales. Any business that’s focused on staying competitive in the direct-to-consumer space needs to adapt to modern website tools in order to survive. Bull Moose Marketing partnered with Campbell’s Studios to create and develop a more captivating online presence through a clean and functional website, making their products more accessible and easier to find in their e-shop for customers.

Situational Analysis

Bill Campbell is a renowned ceramic artist recognized for his functional pottery that brings, in his own words, “a bit of celebration to the daily rituals of life.” After 30 successful years of business, Bill and his wife Jane decided that it was time to expand their digital presence to accommodate an online store to make their pottery more accessible to customers. They needed a platform that would boost both their sales and online presence to make the transition from printed catalogs and complicated price sheets to a more comprehensive and easily manageable system.

To help Campbell Studios develop its online presence and earn more sales, Bull Moose Marketing conceptualized a website that let Bill’s beautiful pottery shine. The new site was a powerful tool to help them sell most of their in-stock inventory, which would not have been possible without an online platform for wholesalers and consumers to process their orders. Utilizing WordPress and WooCommerce’s significant e-commerce capabilities, our team developed a website that achieved another main client need: allowing final consumers to purchase items directly from their inventory, while directing wholesalers to a dedicated section of the site to fill out purchase orders online. This allowed them to quickly update products that were out of stock while tracking sales through the e-commerce software.

Note: Bill retired in 2021 and has since closed Campbell Studios.


  • The studio outgrew its traditional sales approach through phone and in-store visits
  • Needed a way to track sales and inventory
  • Products needed to be showcased to match the impact they have when seen at a physical store
  • Website needed to have separate areas for both wholesalers and final consumers with different prices, purchasing guidelines and available products and quantities
  • The client needed training on using e-commerce software

Strategic Approach

  • Designed a site with a very clean layout that puts the focus on Bill’s pottery
  • Implement e-commerce software to track and manage sales
  • Organize website navigation to cater to the needs of wholesalers and final consumers
  • Offer training and workshops to train the client on how to manage the software
  • Collaborate with the client’s in-house photographer to upload quality, consistent product images
  • Create product variations to help users visualize and select between different types of glazes for the same product


  • Boost sales through a streamlined online store
  • Simplify sales tracking and management
  • Create a website that allows wholesalers to fill out purchase orders and final consumers to buy products directly online
  • Establish an e-commerce website that was simple to manage by the client post-launch

Results to date

  • A total of $320,000 in gross sales earnings
  • Earnings of $75,000 in peak sales month
  • 6,008 products sold
  • 1,900 orders placed

After our redesign, Campbell Studios’ website put the spotlight on Bill’s beautiful pottery by adopting a clean layout and featuring professional photography (watch video animation below).

Bill Campbell’s passion for pottery and his inspiring story of perseverance, talent and initiative were a big focus of the new site.

Campbell Studios website

The online store gave Campbell Studios the opportunity to streamline the sales process with wholesalers and also offer their products directly to the final consumer.

Campebell Studios website--home, kitchen, and table section

Campbell Studios website--product page

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