Executive Summary

NuTec Tooling Systems, a contract and design build manufacturer specializing in industrial automation, required an extensive lead generation program to support their long term growth plan. To help them, Bull Moose Marketing started with a Square Deal Strategy to identify opportunities, needs, and tactics before then implementing a comprehensive program that yielded qualified leads and substantial new quotes.


NuTec had started using digital marketing tactics like social media and email, but without results. They had also invested in a new website, but were not showing up in search engine rankings. Most of the leads they did have to this point came from purchased lists and industry aggregator sites and were too poor in quality to hand over to the sales team. While they had bought into relying on digital marketing for lead generation, NuTec was not sure what direction they needed to go in order to achieve what they knew was possible.

How a strategy helped NuTec

A Square Deal Marketing Strategy tied NuTec’s marketing efforts to its specific business goals and then prioritized what tactics would be used and where resources would be focused. The strategy determined the right target audience by doing persona research. This then dictated what content needed to be created, what social media channels to use, and what steps needed to done to improve SEO performance. Finally, a need was identified for marketing automation software to manage and measure the strategic plan.

Blog content & content offers

Blog content and content offers were published with the target personas in mind to create lead gen opportunities and to improve SEO.

Social Media

Social media was employed consistently to engage audiences, and when necessary, paid social media ads were used to help distribute content offers.


As leads were generated, they were segmented based on their stage in the buying lifecycle. Unqualified leads were deleted, qualified leads were segmented for additional marketing materials, and ready leads were handed directly to sales.


Pre-determined analytics were setup to monitor KPI’s related to the strategy’s goals and were monitored. By tracking the source of all quotes over the course of a year, NuTec was able to quantify its return on marketing spend.


Posting content from July to November greatly impacted site traffic.

Content posting also increased the number of new users which meant greater brand awareness with new audiences.


+ 72.35%

New Users

+ 72.96%


+ 7o.69%


Posting content optimized for search engines also increased the amount of traffic coming from Organic Search.

Lead Gen and ROI

Traffic from Organic Search proved to be the best quality source for leads (New Contacts).

Results during this period

  • 48 Overall New Leads
  • 11 Sales Qualified Leads
  • 7 Opportunities (RFQs)
  • 3 Active Quotes = Return on Marketing Investment

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