Executive Summary

Port Farms had a need for clearer and more consistent messaging on their social media channels (Instagram and Facebook). These are the main channels they use to engage their audience. They also wanted to grow their audience in order to get a larger reach to showcase their services and events.


Port Farms has many areas that they focus on throughout the year such as weddings, birthday parties, fall festival, Christmas trees, and corporate events. There was a disconnect with customers on what exactly Port Farms did and when. Since they have many different events during different times of the year, the messaging used needed to be clear and consistent to get the details to their audience. Port Farms utilized Facebook regularly, but not Instagram.

How consistency helped

The main goal was to be clearer and more consistent in messaging so that audiences could better understand what Port Farms does, and when.

There needed to be focus and details so that customers had the information they needed about each event or promotion.

The clear and consistent messaging helped to increase audience engagement and page likes on Facebook significantly. It also helped Port Farms to sell out of all tickets for their annual event, Country Christmas with Santa. Instagram saw consistent increases in both reach and followers.

Facebook organic post reach

Organic post reach was increased during this time. Significantly more than the paid reach previously used.

Facebook total Views

Total views increased during the times of consistent posting of clearer messages.

Facebook increased Likes


increased Likes

Instagram Audience and Impression growth

Consistency helped grow audience and impressions.

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