Executive Summary

Shafer Law Firm had a need to increase calls to their Family Law Division. Before the campaign started, they were receiving clients largely through speaking engagements, referrals, and newspaper articles. The goal of this campaign was to increase organic search traffic, increase awareness of their Family Law Division and to increase incoming calls.


Shafer Law is built primarily on referrals. An extensive general awareness of the law firm and more specifically, the Family Law Division, didn’t exist. Original content was rarely produced and shared to attract visitors to their social accounts and website. They identified potential audiences to which they should be targeting, but needed help executing a strategy and tactics to do so.

SEO + Content

Easily found online

One of the main goals of the campaign was to make sure Shafer Law was easily found online in turn, helping to attract more callers.

Posting to social media channels

The strategy created involved posting relevant and consistent content to both social media channels and to their website. Prior to this campaign, they posted sporadic news articles to both their blog and social media channels. This strategy involved creating twelve relevant blog posts and one advanced piece of content. These were created using questions that their clients typically asked. When people searched for this type of information online, Shafer would show up and be seen as a relevant and authoritative source of information and help to answer their questions, (and possibly leading them to convert into a client).

Increase traffic

With the consistency of blog and social media posts, year over year traffic significantly increased along with the number of phone calls the company received. They were also appearing in local searches under less, non branded, terms allowing them to be more visible.

Website page visits

Year over year

Website organic search

Year over year

Google My Business

Website + Calls

Next step after finding in local search:

Website: wants more information about Shafer
Call: ready to talk now

Google My Business

Photo Views

Shafer’s photos received 390% more views than similar businesses.

Google My Business

Local Search and Search Terms



Total Reach as well as Likes, Comments, and Shares increased during the campaign.

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