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Bull Moose Marketing Continues To Add New Talent

Nancy Roque and Paige Fay have joined the Creative Development team at Meadville-based Bull Moose Marketing. “Both Nancy and Paige are big additions to Bull Moose,” said Josh Sherretts, the agency’s Vice-President of Business Development and Co-Owner. “Their skills and experience translate into more sophisticated strategies and an even higher quality of content that clients will benefit from.”

Ensuring Crawford County tourists get a ‘square deal’

The Crawford County Convention and Visitors Bureau invited county and municipal officials, as well as members of the media to attend a presentation of its new marketing strategy at the Movies at Meadville. During the COVID-19 pandemic, while would be tourists and Crawford County residents were forced to stay inside and not gather, the visitors bureau took its foot off of marketing all that the county has to offer.

County tourism bureau eyes improved marketing

In a presentation held at The Movies at Meadville and before an audience of county officials and stakeholders, the bureau’s Executive Director Victoria Soff and a team from Bull Moose Marketing discussed how they planned to make Crawford County into a more friendly tourist destination.

Website promoting OC building up and running

A website and other online resources promoting 100 Seneca at Cornplanter Square are up and running. “The site highlights the former Oil City National Bank and Mellon Bank building’s past as it invites new businesses to view available spaces and take their own place in the building’s history,” a press release from the Venango County Economic Development Authority said.

Crawford County explores options for increased broadband access

Members of the Crawford County Planning Commission are exploring options for developing a plan this spring to increase broadband access for county residents. “This has been an education process for everyone,” said Ron Mattocks, committee chairperson for the Planning Commission’s Planning Initiatives Committee, which has been charged with gathering the research to be used in the proposal.

Authority hears suggestion to rename Cornplanter Square

Venango County Economic Development Authority members heard from a marketing representative Tuesday who recommended a name change for Cornplanter Square in Oil City as part of a rebranding effort for the building. Ron Mattocks of Bull Moose Marketing proposed changing the name of Cornplanter Square, the former Mellon Bank building in downtown Oil City, to 100 Seneca.

On the job with Ron Mattocks of Bull Moose Marketing

Ron Mattocks grew up in Meadville and graduated from Calvary Baptist Christian School in 1991. He left the area and worked in several areas, developing strategic marketing plans for business. Four years ago, he returned to Meadville from Indiana. Sharing an interest in history, he hooked up with Josh Sherretts of the Crawford County Historical Society.

Venango County eyes new marketing strategy

The Venango County Economic Development Authority hopes to breathe new life into the Cornplanter Square project with a dedicated marketing strategy. An agreement between the authority and Meadville-based Bull Moose Progressive Marketing calls for the firm to take charge of marketing for the former bank building -at least until a partnership can be formed with at least one candidate for the building’s currently vacant first floor.

Bull Moose Progressive Marketing adds two

Megan McDonnell and Camila Gomez have joined the Marketing Accounts Management team at Meadville-based Bull Moose Progressive Marketing. “As we’ve expanded into larger regional and national markets, it’s critical for us to invest in A-level talent with the experience and skills that allow us to provide services at that scale,” said Ron Mattocks, vice president of Client Strategy and co-owner of Bull Moose Marketing.

Bull Moose Progressive Marketing: Giving You the Business

Manufacturing is a key part of the Crawford County economy. So is tourism and the jobs it provides. The owners of Bull Moose Progressive Marketing said they have focused on those sectors since founding the firm in 2017.

Student-based marketing venture takes ‘aim’ locally

Allegheny Inbound Marketing, or AIM, is now offering limited marketing services to area small businesses and nonprofits. The new agency was formed as a joint initiative by Allegheny College and Bull Moose Marketing to help qualifying organizations address their marketing needs through a structured program that provides an experiential learning opportunity for students.

Bull Moose Continues to Grow in 2019

Josh Sherretts, co-owner of the strategic marketing company with Ron Mattocks, is joining the team on a full-time basis, bringing with him over a decade of experience in business and non-profit administration, marketing, and finance. Sherretts holds a B.A. in History and a B.S. in Education from Edinboro University.

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